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世界杯滚球的全面项目旨在为患者提供他们需要的工具,使他们变得有能力 and successful in managing their asthma. 通过全面的教育和个性化的行动计划,世界杯滚球可以 help you overcome asthma-related obstacles. 世界杯滚球的教育项目专注于解剖学的关键主题,触发器 (识别和回避)、早期预警信号、症状和药物.

If you have asthma and want to learn more about 世界杯滚球强烈建议您联系您的COPC医生,以获得项目转诊.

Since the inception of our asthma education program in 2001, 世界杯滚球在哮喘患者中看到以下统计数据:

84% less asthma-related Emergency Room and Urgent Care visits

93% less asthma-related hospitalizations

60% less unnecessary office visits

世界杯滚球认为这是因为世界杯滚球的病人获得了克服困难和自我管理所需的知识和技能 their asthma.

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About our Asthma Education Program

Common Asthma Questions

Will my child outgrow asthma?

Asthma cannot be cured but it can be controlled. Your child will always 有敏感的呼吸道,但他们可能只是经过一段时间在哪里 they experience no symptoms. If they have non-allergic asthma there is a 当孩子长大后,他们有更高的机会摆脱症状. When 随着孩子年龄的增长,他们的气道变大,他们的症状可能会不那么严重.

Why does my child have to take daily medications for asthma?

炎症和肿胀的气道衬里导致物理 changes throughout the lungs and can lead to asthma attacks. The 炎症或肿胀可以通过服用药物来逆转 day to reduce the severity. When you decrease the inflammation/swelling, 支气管反应性降低,导致哮喘发作次数减少. 只有服药才能充分发挥药效 is taken daily as prescribed.

If a child has asthma, can they play sports?

Yes they can. It's important to note that most children with asthma can fully participate in any sport despite having asthma. Children and 家长要遵医嘱,按时服用日常药物 as prescribed to keep the asthma under control. The child will need to 热身/冷却,可能需要在救援前进行药物治疗 medications prior to participating in the sport.


哮喘患儿可在一段时间内无症状. 这通常发生在头几个月,而身体 适应不同的气候和暴露于不同的过敏原. 一旦身体的防御系统适应了这种不同的暴露 trees, grass, and pollen etc. the allergic response is triggered and the episodes may become worse or better than before. It is 对于哮喘患儿来说,生活在这样的环境中很重要 特别是全家搬家前的3-4个月 if this is the only reason to relocate.

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